16 Week PR Masterclass
  1. create your messaging for your brand and your services  

  2. What is your bio/storyline/ Identifying your Uniqueness from the competitors

  3. How to Craft your Pitches based on what is in the news/ what goes into a pitch

  4. How to craft your angles (you need numerous angles)

  5. Identify what your brand does for people- this is important for crafting your talking points for interviews

  6. Your one-sheet & Deck what should be in it - you need numerous sheets based on your brand/services

  7. What goes into a Press release/ how often should a press release be created and used

  8. What other techniques can be used to increase brand exposure

  9. Networking effectively/ Where to go to find effective networking groups/events - online & face to face

  10. Identifying what media outlets are best for your brand

  11. How to find contact info for the media

  12. Social media expert session (Facebook, IG, Twitter)

  13. PR coaching session (how are you going to land your interviews)

  14. LinkedIn Expert session - how  your LinkedIn page should reflect your brand

  15. Content creation session- Why your content will make  you or break you

  16. you landed an interview now what...

6 month Media One-On-One Coaching Program

Working directly with a media coach on crafting out your PR Campaign.

One On One session include

-Reviewing Business Strategies (online footprint, branding, showing up for the media/high ticket clients)

-Crafting your ideal messaging, Storyline, angels to be newsworthy

-Crafting press releases and pitches

-Crafting Content

-Identifying your Red Apples and learning how to use them when dealing with the media

-Press Release Wire distributions 


-Creations of your Media wish list

-One on One sessions with a PR Coach (3)

-One on One Sessions with a Social Media Coach (2 months)

-One On One Sessions with a LinkedIn Coach (LinkedIn Make Over Page)

-Using Community Engagement to your benefit

-Identifying who are ideal organizations/groups to work with

-And More

Done For You Public Relations Services

6 month Personal PR Services

-Business Assessment 

-Media Interviews

-Media placements

-Press Releases/Pitching

- Update or create One sheet/Media deck

-Access to networks for business connections

-Social media posting/management

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Public Speaking

-Public Relations


-Community Engagement

-Mindset from Worker to Entrepreneur